How to Find a Gemstones Supplier


A Gemstones supplier is a company that sells gemstones in bulk quantities to jewelry makers or dealers. These companies usually purchase gemstones directly from mines or other wholesalers and then resell them to jewelry manufacturers or designers at a markup. A Gemstones supplier should be able to provide detailed information on their sources, such as images from the mining sites and cutting facilities. They should also be able to demonstrate their ethical reputation by providing disclosure certificates and other documentation. Source:

Certified Gemstones Supplier: Guarantees of Authenticity and Quality

Gemstones come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. From popular pink gems like rose quartz and red stones like carnelian to protection-oriented black gems such as shungite, there is an option for everyone’s needs. In addition to the classics, there are new semi-precious stones that offer a polished alternative to traditional gemstones such as burned amethyst and tourmaline.

Some online marketplaces, such as Etsy and eBay, are home to sellers that offer a variety of gemstones at wholesale prices. Look for a seller with a “wholesale” tag or similar language to find their listings. Other ways to find reputable wholesale suppliers include exploring trade directories and platforms that connect buyers with gemstone and jewelry suppliers. Industry associations often maintain lists of vetted wholesale suppliers, too.

The US based site sells a huge selection of unusual cabochons including fossils, as well as gemstone beads and pearls. This is an extensive site that is worth a look for anyone who makes jewellery with metal clay or stone carving.