Fuck Joe Biden Flags

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It’s an unstoppable force against an immovable object: The city of Roselle Park, New Jersey, threatened to fine Andrea Dick $250 a day and her mother 90 days in jail if they didn’t remove their anti-Biden and pro-Trump banners from their home and lawn. Yet Dick, backed by the ACLU of New Jersey, held firm.

And now a man in Grand Isle, Louisiana, is facing a similar fight after being ticketed and arrested over two flags displayed on his pickup truck reading “FUCK JOE BIDEN” and “FUCK HIM FOR VOTING FOR OBAMA.” Brunet, a contractor who works throughout the state, filed a lawsuit against the town on Tuesday, alleging that it violated his First Amendment rights by using a boldly unconstitutional local ordinance to silence his political speech.

The Controversy of ‘F**k Joe Biden’ Flags: Political Expression or Provocation

The Supreme Court has long recognized that the government may not censor speech based on its subjective taste, pointing out in Cohen v. California that “one man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.” And in a country where political opinions are as varied and nuanced as our nation’s landscape, people of all ages and backgrounds reserve the right to paint with a wide palette of emotions to convey their ideas.

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