Couples Therapy

You and your partner may seek counseling after a series of issues have emerged that cause distress in the relationship. Infidelity, feelings of growing apart, unhealthy communication, frequent arguments about finances or sex, and lack of intimacy are common reasons that couples seek help from a marriage and family therapist. Although it’s a stereotype that couples Psychotherapy near me helps only troubled relationships, many couples benefit from treatment regardless of the state of their relationship.

A common type of couples counseling is called behavioral couples therapy (BCBT). During this type of counseling, your therapist will teach you and your partner healthy ways to interact with one another, communicate during conflict, and display displays of affection. The therapist will also work with you to develop coping skills that you can use when tensions arise in your relationship outside of the therapy sessions.

Improving Intimacy Through Couples Therapy: Reconnecting and Rediscovering

Often, a therapist will assign tasks to the couple between sessions that are designed to reinforce new behaviors. For example, the therapist might ask you to keep a log of your interactions with your partner or recommend that you read a self-help book together. Ideally, you and your partner will practice these new skills in the weeks between sessions. During the first few sessions, you can expect your therapist to ask standard interview questions about the history of your relationship, what brought you to counseling, and each partner’s family of origin, values, and cultural background. The therapist will then begin to examine your relationship distress patterns and create a treatment plan.

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