Health Insurance Options in Virginia

health insurance options in Virginia

Health insurance options in Virginia are available for residents from the government-run Marketplace and private insurers. Individuals who need coverage can apply during the open enrollment period from November 1 through January 15. Many individuals can save money on their health insurance rate by comparing plans and applying for tax credits. Those who make less than 400% of the federal poverty level can qualify for free health insurance through Medicaid or cheaper plans through the marketplace.

The most affordable ACA-compliant health insurance option in Virginia is a Silver plan with an average monthly cost of $409 for a 40-year-old. However, premiums are 4% cheaper than last year and the only tier that saw an increase was Platinum.

Insuring Your Well-Being: Understanding Health Insurance Options in the Old Dominion State

Most people who shop for individual health insurance in Virginia are looking for low costs, but there are many other factors to consider when selecting a provider. Consumer satisfaction is a big factor, and some companies rank higher than others in customer satisfaction surveys. For example, Kaiser Permanente has a high rating for customer satisfaction, and Aetna ranks among the best providers in the country.

Another factor to consider is the number of people in your family who need health coverage. Those with children typically need more coverage, which means that you will likely need to select a family plan. Some companies offer more options for those with kids, including pediatric dental and vision coverage. Another factor to consider is whether or not you smoke, as most health insurance providers will charge smokers more for their coverage. However, recent legislation has prevented insurers from denying coverage or increasing the cost of a policy for those with preexisting conditions.