What is PPL?


ppl is slang and is often used to add color to conversations. However, it can be confusing for people who aren’t familiar with the language. To help, we will define ppl in this article.

Push/Pull/Legs is a resistance training program that divides muscle groups into push and pull workouts, and also includes leg days. The goal of a push day is to exercise muscles that project force outward (like the pecs, biceps, and shoulders) while the pull day workouts involve muscles that contract to elongate the body (such as back and biceps). Legs are used in both pushing and pulling movements so they are trained on leg day.

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Each workout session consists of different compound free-weight exercises that tax multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Performing multiple repetitions for each exercise helps to create muscular overload that leads to greater strength gains. The PPL routines were originally created by old school bodybuilders and are a great jumping-off point for fitness newbies.

Unlike Revshare offers, affiliates are paid upfront and trust that their leads will convert at a predetermined ratio. However, the model isn’t as profitable as it sounds because it takes months or even years to earn a substantial amount of rebill revenue.

Many affiliates find themselves in a position where they generate a lot of ppl traffic but can’t seem to convert the leads into paying customers. In these situations, a few small changes can be made to improve the conversion rate. For example, an affiliate can try increasing the number of workouts per week or altering what sort of exercises are performed within each training session.

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