What to Expect From a Diesel Tuner

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There are a lot of ‘tuners’ out there selling’mystery boxes’ for about $280 that will promise you diesel power and torque gains. Most of these ‘tuners’ just plug into the common rail pressure sensor and change the signal that is read by the ECU. That’s all. Actual tuners will spend about half a day on your vehicle to do a professional engine remap. They’ll extract the original file from the ECU, then tweak it based on your needs and what modifications you have (like bigger airboxes or snorkels). Once they get this part done they will then run your car both on the road and on a dyno to make sure the adjustments are safe and working as intended.


Modern turbo diesel eco tuning engines are the best candidates for remapping because they have more points of adjustment than older varieties did. Having more than one or two tunes to choose from means that you can find the perfect balance of power and economy. We specialise in the Toyota range of vehicles and can customise a range of performance upgrades and modification to suit your vehicle and your needs.

Unlocking Power: A Guide to Tuning Diesel Engines for Enhanced Performance

It’s important to understand that you will be voiding your manufacturer warranty by modifying the ECU. It’s also important to remember that more power and torque will put more stress on the engine and transmission. It’s therefore crucial to have a reputable diesel tuning specialist who will work within the limits of your factory engine and drivetrain warranty.

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