Key Lime Pie Strain

key lime pie strain

key lime pie strain | tale of two strains  is a GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) phenotype that has been popular among cannabis connoisseurs. Its fans report that it has a complex flavor profile that includes notes of lime candy and chocolate. Its aroma is reminiscent of a fresh slice of pie.

This indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) produces small to medium-sized buds that adhere to nugget-like shapes. The buds are dense and have the vibrant spring green hue characteristic of indicas. They are sometimes dusted with a light coating of crystalline trichomes.

Typically, Key Lime Pie has moderate THC levels ranging from 19-22%. This makes it a great choice for novice users looking to experience the effects of this strain without overwhelming them.

Key Lime Pie Strain: A Sweet and Tangy Delight for Cannabis Enthusiasts

The aroma is a mix of sweet citrus, lime candy, and hints of cream and earth. The flavor is similar to the aroma, but it has a distinct note of smokey lime that is not usually found in other cannabis strains.

When consumed, this strain produces a full body relaxation that is paired with a soothing cerebral high. It is best smoked in the late afternoon or evening. Once the physical effects begin to take hold, this strain can be helpful for chronic pain and aching muscles. It is also useful for those who struggle with insomnia as it can induce sleepiness.

Those who consume this strain should be aware of the potential for adverse side effects, including cottonmouth and dry eyes. Excessive use of this strain can also lead to a headache or, in rare cases, anxiety or paranoia in those predisposed to these conditions.

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