Supporting Children’s Mental Health in Childcare Centres

A child’s mental health is the ability to enjoy life, learn well and get along with others. It helps children manage sad, worried or angry feelings and bounce back from tough times. Mental wellbeing is essential for children’s healthy development – good mental health lays the foundation for better physical health, relationships and wellbeing in later life.

How would you describe a childcare provider?

Educators’ experiences with the coronavirus pandemic have impacted their confidence in supporting the mental wellbeing of children in their care. This is consistent with previous research that indicates educator capacity has an impact on the quality of Childcare centre in rowville care and education. The superordinate theme of experience as the best teacher encapsulates educators’ beliefs about how their practical support directly impacts children’s mental health. This is important because children’s mental health and wellbeing is shaped by their relationships with adults – particularly those who care for them.

Educators can support the mental health of the children in their care by referring them for an evaluation by a mental health professional and providing them with information on treatment options. Children with mental health disorders may need a combination of treatments, including psychotherapy (talk therapy), cognitive behavioral therapy and medications. Medications to treat mental health concerns in children can include antidepressants, stimulants and mood stabilizers. More information on the types of medications available for children is available from NIMH’s Mental Health Medications webpage. Family counseling is also commonly included in the treatment plan for children with mental health problems.

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