Industrial Stackable Storage Containers

Industrial stackable storage containers are designed to promote organization in a workspace while helping workers keep items conveniently at hand. These bins, totes, and carts are typically constructed from plastic for strength, durability, and moisture resistance. They’re commonly used for storing tools, small parts, and other materials in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They also help organize work-in-progress and distribution areas. Typically, plastic stacking bins have open tops and hopper fronts to allow easy access, and they can be stacked vertically or sideways or nested when empty. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate many different types of items and applications.

Industrial Stackable Storage Bins for Warehouse Tool

When selecting a set of stackable containers, look for the ones that provide the most convenient arrangement for your specific needs. Considerations include whether the bins and lids lock together to create a tapering stack, how much they hold in terms of volume, and how easily you can move them around your workspace. Also, pay attention to whether the bins are clear for visibility or colored for privacy and a neat appearance.

If you’re planning to use your storage containers for work, select those that offer a built-in lock for added security. This is important because a crack in a container could crush what’s inside or let in moisture and vermin. In addition, make sure that the stackable containers have sturdy handles and a lid that closes securely. Professional organizer Britnee Tanner recommends these Stackera bins from Ikea, which are notable for their angled hinged lids that she says allow her to simply drop in items (similar to a waste basket). They’re also BPA– and phthalate-free and come in shallow and deep sizes that share the same footprint.

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