How to Use the IP Reputation API to Protect Your Site From Malicious IPs

With the increasing prevalence of fraud and threats, organizations need a solution to assess risk. This requires a holistic approach that considers a wide range of signals. IP reputation provides the most effective way to do this. It monitors the behavior of IPs within your network. Using this information, you can block malicious or spam IPs and protect your customers.

What is an IP reputation?

IP reputation API has been used by millions of sites across the internet. Some of the most common uses are to prevent spam, block DDoS attacks, and improve web application performance. A positive reputation is a sign of a healthy, safe, and well-functioning web environment.

The API provides a real-time view of the status of your IPs. In addition, it offers advanced data mining, sentiment analysis, address verification, language prediction, and credit card fraud detection.

The API is easy to consume and integrate. It is ideal for reporting and incident response. You can even integrate it with Splunk SIEM.

The machine learning algorithms of the ThreatPoint IP reputation service detect anomalies, and automatically update the reputation data. As a result, your site is protected from malicious IPs in real-time.

To get started, you’ll need to register and enable the IP reputation service on Avi Controller. Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive an email with the base URL of the API.

Next, you’ll need to create a ProwlClient object and use the API key. This will allow you to run examples and obtain your IP reputation.

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